Friday, March 5, 2010

Twins and Frisbee

There is a set of twins living at my house. Namawu and Ayisha. They are fraternal twins. Both are sweet, well behaved girls. They are also quite stunning but good thing they don’t know it!

Namawu (left) and Ayisha (right)

Every time I arrive home Namawu and Ayisha run up to me and grab by bags. They always greet me in the morning very politely. Their mother taught them well.

Last weekend I invited them to play ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of my foreigner friends in Tamale. They were both excited by this.

They were initially very shy and we’re really very aggressive. Not surprising since they were surrounded by a group of adult strangers. By the end of the game Namawu got the hang of it and made some great interceptions! Ayisha’s catching and throwing improved immensely.

What a treat it was for them!

They’ll likely join us again this week.

Honing our Frisbee skills


icebreaker said...


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All the best,
Jeremy Ecle
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cp said...

Hi, i'm headed to ghana today and will be in tamale until the end of june. i'd love to throw around and maybe get some pickup in. if you could let me know where you guys play, that would be awesome.


Jonathan Potts said...

Hi Sarah,

So I searched for "Ghana" and "Frisbee" and came across this. Obviously it's not your core reason for being in Ghana, but I'm the President of the World Flying Disc Federation, and I'd be keen to find out more about what frisbee exists in Ghana.

Feel free to email me on president at wfdf dot org.

- Jonathan

Unknown said...

Well I have been also searching for strong team to play against my team. I am in the Northern region of Ghana and I enjoy playing Frisbee because we have a strong team in our community, we have played against the Dutch and and American peace corps in Ghana and had trophies of it. We willing to meet people who wants to promote the game in Ghana.
Thank you.